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The influence of β-carotene supplementation on β-carotene concentration in the corpus luteum and on hormone concentration in the plasma of heifers

  • G. Flachowsky (a1), M. Schlenzig (a2), Brigitta Kirsche (a2) and P. Lebzien (a1)


The objective of the study was to investigate the influence of different levels of β-carotene supplements on the β-carotene concentration in the corpus luteum and on hormone concentrations in the plasma of heifers. 32 heifers (average body weight: 371 kg) were fed a low carotene diet (< 1 mg per kg DM) for 120 days. The heifers were divided into four groups according to body weight and age and supplied with 0, 100, 200 or 300 mg β-carotene per animal and day. Heifers were artifically inseminated after day 60 of the experiment and were slaughtered after day 120 of the experiment. Carotene concentration in the corpus luteum (2.3, 27, 50 and 81 μg/g for 0, 100, 200 and 300 mg β-carotene per animal per day), in plasma and in ovary was significantly influenced with increased carotene supplements. LH-concentration of plasma decreased and β-oestradiol-concentration increased with carotene supplementation. High concentrations of β-carotene in the corpus luteum and ovaries of cattle seem to act as a depot which is available when high vitamin A requirements during ovulation have to be met.



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The influence of β-carotene supplementation on β-carotene concentration in the corpus luteum and on hormone concentration in the plasma of heifers

  • G. Flachowsky (a1), M. Schlenzig (a2), Brigitta Kirsche (a2) and P. Lebzien (a1)


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