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Do 95-kg live weight pigs choose to stand, sit or lie during short journeys?

  • H. J. Guise (a1), E. J. Hunter (a1), P. J. Baynes (a1), P. J. Wigglesworth (a1), H. L. Riches (a1) and R. H. C. Penny (a1)...


Although the need for pigs to lie down on long journeys is not in question, there is evidence that they may not choose to do so on journeys of less than 3h (Hunter et al., 1994). These observations were undertaken to determine how pigs in the 95 to 100 kg weight range behaved on short journeys. A three-tier floating-deck vehicle with weld-mesh flooring was used because the popularity of three-deck vehicles is increasing (Riches et al., 1996).



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