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Three-dimensional recording of archaeological remains in the Altai Mountains

  • Gertjan Plets (a1), Wouter Gheyle (a1), Geert Verhoeven (a1), Jeroen De Reu (a1), Jean Bourgeois (a1), Jeroen Verhegge (a1) and Birger Stichelbaut (a1)...


In the course of their research campaign in Siberia, Ghent University archaeologists have developed a simple and cost effective method for the rapid 3D imaging of rock art, standing stelae and surface monuments. Their procedure will undoubtedly have a big role to play in archaeological research in advance of the oil pipeline expected soon.



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Three-dimensional recording of archaeological remains in the Altai Mountains

  • Gertjan Plets (a1), Wouter Gheyle (a1), Geert Verhoeven (a1), Jeroen De Reu (a1), Jean Bourgeois (a1), Jeroen Verhegge (a1) and Birger Stichelbaut (a1)...


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