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Regional survey and the development of complex societies in southeastern Shandong, China

  • Anne P. Underhill (a1), Gary M. Feinman (a1), Linda M. Nicholas (a1), Gwen Bennett, Hui Fang, Fengshi Luan, Haiguang Yu and Fengshu Cai...


This article shows that full-coverage regional survey is an effective tool for understanding change over time in regional settlement patterns in north China. Five seasons of survey in the Rizhao area of southeastern Shandong demonstrate a nucleated pattern of settlement around the Longshan site of Liangchengzhen and a clear settlement hierarchy, with distinctly different patterns for later periods.



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Regional survey and the development of complex societies in southeastern Shandong, China

  • Anne P. Underhill (a1), Gary M. Feinman (a1), Linda M. Nicholas (a1), Gwen Bennett, Hui Fang, Fengshi Luan, Haiguang Yu and Fengshu Cai...


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