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New dates for the north China Mesolithic

  • Robert G. Elston (a1), Xu Cheng (a2), David B. Madsen (a3), Zhong Kan (a4), Robert L. Bettinger (a5), Li Jingzen (a6), Paul J. Brantingham (a7), Wang Huiming (a2) and Yu Jun (a2)...


The Mesolithic — as the ‘time in between’ — raises issues of definition, the more so as chronology is refined and the abruptness of environmental change at the end of the glaciation becomes clearer. This clarification of an unusual regional sequence is an instance.



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New dates for the north China Mesolithic

  • Robert G. Elston (a1), Xu Cheng (a2), David B. Madsen (a3), Zhong Kan (a4), Robert L. Bettinger (a5), Li Jingzen (a6), Paul J. Brantingham (a7), Wang Huiming (a2) and Yu Jun (a2)...


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