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Dating Shuidonggou and the Upper Palaeolithic blade industry in North China

  • David B. Madsen (a1), Li Jingzen (a2), P. Jeffrey Brantingham (a3), Gao Xing (a4), Robert G. Elston (a5) and Robert L. Bettinger (a6)...


Shuidonggou is unique within the Chinese Palaeolithic sequence and its assemblage is reminiscent of Upper Palaeolithic core-and-blade technologies in Mongolia and southern Siberia. Limited chronological controls have prevented evaluation of this technology in both the Chinese and greater Eurasian Palaeolithic. Dating of recently discovered hearths at Locality 2 places Shuidonggou firmly at 29,000–24,000 BP, and suggests the spread of the Eurasian large blade technology was primarily from north to south. The concurrent production of small microblade-like bipolar bladelets at the site may also presage the development of a microlithic industry.



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Dating Shuidonggou and the Upper Palaeolithic blade industry in North China

  • David B. Madsen (a1), Li Jingzen (a2), P. Jeffrey Brantingham (a3), Gao Xing (a4), Robert G. Elston (a5) and Robert L. Bettinger (a6)...


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