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Merino sheep: a further look at quantitative trait loci for wool production

  • D. L. Roldan (a1), A. M. Dodero (a1), F. Bidinost (a2), H. R. Taddeo (a2), D. Allain (a3), M. A. Poli (a1) and J. M. Elsen (a3)...


A quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis of wool traits from experimental half-sib data of Merino sheep is presented. A total of 617 animals distributed in 10 families were genotyped for 36 microsatellite markers on four ovine chromosomes OAR1, OAR3, OAR4 and OAR11. The markers covering OAR3 and OAR11 were densely spaced, at an average distance of 2.8 and 1.2 cM, respectively. Body weight and wool traits were measured at first and second shearing. Analyses were conducted under three hypotheses: (i) a single QTL controlling a single trait (for multimarker regression models); (ii) two linked QTLs controlling a single trait (using maximum likelihood techniques) and (iii) a single QTL controlling more than one trait (also using maximum likelihood techniques). One QTL was identified for several wool traits on OAR1 (average curvature of fibre at first and second shearing, and clean wool yield measured at second shearing) and on OAR11 (weight and staple strength at first shearing, and coefficient of variation of fibre diameter at second shearing). In addition, one QTL was detected on OAR4 affecting weight measured at second shearing. The results of the single trait method and the two-QTL hypotheses showed an additional QTL segregating on OAR11 (for greasy fleece weight at first shearing and clean wool yield trait at second shearing). Pleiotropic QTLs (controlling more than one trait) were found on OAR1 (clean wool yield, average curvature of fibre, clean and greasy fleece weightand staple length, all measured at second shearing).


Corresponding author


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Merino sheep: a further look at quantitative trait loci for wool production

  • D. L. Roldan (a1), A. M. Dodero (a1), F. Bidinost (a2), H. R. Taddeo (a2), D. Allain (a3), M. A. Poli (a1) and J. M. Elsen (a3)...


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