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Effects of phytase and 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 inclusions on the performance, mineral balance and bone parameters of grower–finisher pigs fed low-phosphorus diets

  • J. V. O’Doherty (a1), D. A. Gahan (a1), C. O’Shea (a1), J. J. Callan (a1) and K. M. Pierce (a1)...


Two experiments, a performance experiment and a mineral balance study, were conducted on grower–finisher pigs (42 to 101 kg live weight) to investigate the effects of Peniophora lycii phytase enzyme and 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 (25-OHD3) on growth performance, carcass characteristics, nutrient retention and excretion, and bone and blood parameters. The two experiments were designed as a 2 × 2 factorial (two levels of phytase and two levels of 25-OHD3). The four diets were T1, low-phosphorous diet; T2, T1 + phytase; T3, T1 + 25-OHD3 and T4, T1 + phytase + 25-OHD3 diet. In all, 25 μg of 25-OHD3 was used to replace 1000 IU of vitamin D3 in diets T3 and T4. Diets were pelleted (70°C) and formulated to contain similar concentrations of energy (13.8 MJ DE/kg), lysine (9.5 g/kg) and digestible phosphorus (P; 1.8 g/kg). Neither the inclusion of phytase nor 25-OHD3 in the diet had any effect on pig performance. There was an interaction between phytase and 25-OHD3 on calcium (Ca) and P retention (P < 0.01) and on the apparent digestibility of ash (P < 0.01), P (P < 0.001) and Ca (P < 0.001). Pigs offered phytase diets only, had a higher retention of Ca and P and digestibility of ash (P < 0.01), P (P < 0.001) and Ca (P < 0.01) compared with pigs offered unsupplemented diets. However, when the combination of phytase and 25-OHD3 were offered, no effects were detected compared with 25-OHD3 diets only. Pigs fed phytase diets had higher bone ash (P < 0.01), bone P (P < 0.01) and bone Ca (P < 0.05) concentrations compared with pigs offered non-phytase diets. In conclusion, pigs offered phytase diets had a significantly increased bone ash, Ca and P than pigs offered unsupplemented phytase diets. However, there was no advantage to offering a combination of phytase and 25-OHD3 on either bone strength or mineral status compared to offering these feed additives separately.


Corresponding author


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Effects of phytase and 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 inclusions on the performance, mineral balance and bone parameters of grower–finisher pigs fed low-phosphorus diets

  • J. V. O’Doherty (a1), D. A. Gahan (a1), C. O’Shea (a1), J. J. Callan (a1) and K. M. Pierce (a1)...


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