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Utilization of dietary carbohydrates by fish: a comparative study in eel and trout

  • M. García-Gallego (a1), J. Bazoco (a1), M. D. Suàrez (a2) and A. Sanz (a1)


To evaluate the ability of the eel to use diets with high carbohydrate content, a comparative study was made by using the rainbow trout, a carnivorous fish, as a reference species. Four isoenergenetic diets (in terms of gross energy) were formulated incorporating different protein/carbohydrate ratios (450/200, 370/300, 290/400 and 210/500 as g/kg dry matter, respectively) and each one was tested in three replicates groups of eels and trout. The data on growth, food conversion and utilization of dietary protein and energy show that the eel has a comparatively greater ability than the rainbow trout for using diets with a high carbohydrate level. Thus it is postulated that higher carbohydrate levels could be used for formulating cheaper diets.



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Utilization of dietary carbohydrates by fish: a comparative study in eel and trout

  • M. García-Gallego (a1), J. Bazoco (a1), M. D. Suàrez (a2) and A. Sanz (a1)


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