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Influence of mating pressure and season on the semen characteristics of rams

  • T. Tomkins (a1) and M. J. Bryant (a1)


Two groups of 4 Suffolk rams were each subjected to mating pressures of 90 ejaculates (High) and 45 ejaculates (Low) over a 3-day period during summer and autumn. Every sixth (High) or every third (Low) ejaculate was collected into an artificial vagina and assessed for volume, sperm density, total sperm per ejaculate, motility and percentage of live and abnormal sperm.

There was a general lowering of semen quantity and quality with successive ejaculations. Rate of change of the various measures was greater on the High than on the Low mating pressure. Volume and percentage of live sperm showed a greater decline, and percentage of abnormal sperm a greater increase, during the autumn than during the summer. Density showed a greater decline in summer than in autumn.

The significance of the changes in semen characteristics observed is considered in relation to requirements for high fertility after pro-gestagen treatment.



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Influence of mating pressure and season on the semen characteristics of rams

  • T. Tomkins (a1) and M. J. Bryant (a1)


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