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Effects of protein concentration in the diet on milk yield, change in body composition and the efficiency of utilization of body tissue for milk production in ewes

  • R. T. Cowan (a1), J. J. Robinson (a1), I. McHattie (a1) and K. Pennie (a1)


Twenty-five mature Finnish Landrace × Dorset Horn ewes, each suckling two lambs, were used to measure the effects of dietary concentration of crude protein on food intake, milk yield and changes in body composition during the first 6 weeks of lactation. Diets were complete mixes of milled hay and concentrates, and the amounts of barley and fish meal were altered to give crude protein concentrations of 116 and 143g/kg dry matter. Ten ewes were slaughtered at 5 to 7 days of lactation and the remaining ewes were slaughtered at 40 to 43 days of lactation.

The higher concentration of crude protein in the diet did not alter food intake or digestion. Milk yield was not altered in the first 3 weeks of lactation but was increased in weeks 4 and 5 (P<0·05). Production of milk protein was increased by a higher protein concentration in the diet (P<0·01) and this effect was evident from the 2nd week of lactation. Weight of chemically determined fat in the body decreased from 179 to 13-0kg from 6 to 42 days of lactation (P<0·001) for ewes on diets of both concentrations of crude protein.

It was concluded that the higher level of protein intake during early lactation increased yields of milk and milk protein. The data suggest that the energy lost from the body was used more efficiently by ewes given the diet of high, rather than low, protein content.



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Effects of protein concentration in the diet on milk yield, change in body composition and the efficiency of utilization of body tissue for milk production in ewes

  • R. T. Cowan (a1), J. J. Robinson (a1), I. McHattie (a1) and K. Pennie (a1)


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