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The effect of body condition on ovulation rate in the sow

  • B. Hardy (a1) and G. A. Lodge (a1)


Twenty-four sows from three nutritional regimes imposed until weaning of their third litters were used to investigate the influence of weight and body condition on ovulation rate.

For low-, medium- and high-plane sows respectively, mean corpora lutea numbers at 3 to 6 days post coitus were 13·8±0·78, 16·4±0·87 and 15·2±1·01 (not significantly different); conception rates at first service were 50, 87·5 and 100% percentages prenatal mortality were 36·1±7·95, 67·2±7·26 and 41·7±7·26, and mean numbers of pigs born alive were 9·0±1·19, 5·2±1·09 and 8·8±1·09.

Pooled data indicated no significant effect of body weight but a significant effect of weight loss during the preceding lactation on ovulation rate (P<0–01).



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The effect of body condition on ovulation rate in the sow

  • B. Hardy (a1) and G. A. Lodge (a1)


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