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Crossbreeding beef cattle in Western Uganda. 2. Environmental influences on body weight

  • G. D. Sacker (a1), J. C. M. Trail (a1) and I. L. Fisher (a1)


The nine possible breed types resulting from the use of Angus, Boran and Red Poll bulls on Ankole, Boran and local Zebu cows were represented in the experiment. Sex, period of birth and year of birth had significant effects, at practically all ages, on body weights of calves measured at three-monthly intervals from birth to two years. Age of dam had a significant effect on calf weight at birth but not thereafter. Previous parous state of dam had only few apparently significant effects on calf weights at different ages. It appeared that beneficial effects of a good pre-weaning maternal environment might be retained, as there was no strong evidence of post-weaning compensatory growth for pre-weaning maternal effects due to age and previous parous state of dam.



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Crossbreeding beef cattle in Western Uganda. 2. Environmental influences on body weight

  • G. D. Sacker (a1), J. C. M. Trail (a1) and I. L. Fisher (a1)


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