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The Regional Survey at Kerkenes Dağ: an interim report on the seasons of 1993 and 1994.

  • G. D., M. E. F. Summers (a1) and K. Ahmet (a2)


This report focuses on selected aspects of the Kerkenes Dağ Survey all of which are peripheral to the main survey of the Iron Age mountain top city.

The Kerkenes Dağ Survey is sponsored by the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara (BIAA). The survey was made possible by funds from the Leverhulme Trust (1993), the National Geographic Society (1994), the British Academy and the BIAA (1993–94). In 1993 Dr. S. Hill kindly arranged for us to borrow the Warwick University total station for a large part of the season; the British Ambassador, Mr. John Goulden, greatly added to the comfort of the expedition by arranging for the provision of furniture and, most importantly, the balloon team from the Kapadokya Lodge gave us a remarkable evening flight over the mountain top city. In 1994 Yibitaş-Lafarge very generously improved the facilities by constructing bedrooms, wash rooms and a compound wall. Special thanks are due to the Vali of Yozgat, Bay Ertuğrul Ersoy, the Kaymakam of Sorgun, Bay Necmi Kurt and the Director of the Yozgat Museum, Bay Musa Özcan for providing both help and encouragement, and to the Muhtar of Şahmuratlı Köy, Osman Muratdağı for making us welcome. Our representative for both seasons was Bay Kazım Mertek from Konya Museum; that so much was accomplished is in great part due to his energy and participation.



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The Regional Survey at Kerkenes Dağ: an interim report on the seasons of 1993 and 1994.

  • G. D., M. E. F. Summers (a1) and K. Ahmet (a2)


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