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Integrating Carers into the Service System: Six Strategic Responses

  • Julia Twigg (a1)


This paper discusses the mechanisms whereby the needs and interests of carers might be integrated into the service delivery system. Over the last decade, informal care has emerged as a major subject for research and discussion, and much work has been undertaken exploring the experiences, burdens and needs of carers. Carers are increasingly recognised as central to community care, but little work has so far addressed the means whereby their needs and interests might be integrated within mainstream service provision. The mechanisms for achieving this are underdeveloped. This paper puts forward six possible strategic responses, and discusses the merits and demerits of each. The responses are: taking evaluation a step further; consumerism; case management; performance or service indicators; rights; and targets. The issues raised in the discussion have relevance beyond the subject of informal care, and address questions that are central to the provision of welfare services generally.



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Integrating Carers into the Service System: Six Strategic Responses

  • Julia Twigg (a1)


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