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Wall-resolved large eddy simulation for aeroengine aeroacoustic investigation

  • Y. Lin (a1), R. Vadlamani (a2), M. Savill (a3) and P. Tucker (a2)


The work presented here forms part of a larger project on Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) of aeroengine aeroacoustic interactions. In this paper, we concentrate on LES of near-field flow over an isolated NACA0012 aerofoil at zero angle-of-attack and a chord based Reynolds number of Rec = 2 × 105. A wall-resolved compressible Numerical Large Eddy Simulation (NLES) approach is employed to resolve streak-like structures in the near-wall flow regions. The calculated unsteady pressure/velocity field will be imported into an analyticallybased scheme for far-field trailing-edge noise prediction later. The boundary-layer mean and root-mean-square (rms) velocity profiles, the surface pressure fluctuation over the aerofoil, and the wake flow development are compared with experimental data and previous computational simulations in our research group. It is found that the results from the wall-resolved compressible NLES are very encouraging as they correlate well with test data. The main features of the wall-resolved compressible NLES, as well as the advantages of such compressible NLES over previous incompressible LES performed in our research group, are also discussed.


Corresponding author


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This paper will be presented at the ISABE 2017 Conference, 3-8 September 2017, Manchester, UK.



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Wall-resolved large eddy simulation for aeroengine aeroacoustic investigation

  • Y. Lin (a1), R. Vadlamani (a2), M. Savill (a3) and P. Tucker (a2)


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