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Multi-body dynamic modelling and flight control for an asymmetric variable sweep morphing UAV

  • L. Tong and H. Ji (a1)


In this paper, the multi-body dynamic model of an asymmetric variable sweep wing morphing UAV is built based on Kane’s method. This model describes the UAV’s transient behaviour during morphing process and the dynamic characteristic of the variable sweep wings. An integrated design of trajectory tracking control via constrained backstepping method is presented then. The idea of aircraft roll control through asymmetric wing sweep angle changes rather than traditional aileron is explored and used in the fight control design. The control of variable sweep wings is designed as well based on the presented dynamic model. Command filters are used in the backstepping design procedure to accommodate magnitude, rate and bandwidth constraints on virtual states and actuator signals. Stability of the closed-loop system can be proved in the sense of Lyapunov. Simulation of tracking a desired trajectory which contains two manoeuvres demonstrates the feasibility of the proposed protocol and the morphing wing roll controller.


Corresponding author


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Multi-body dynamic modelling and flight control for an asymmetric variable sweep morphing UAV

  • L. Tong and H. Ji (a1)


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