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Integrated one-dimensional dynamic analysis methodology for space launch vehicles reflecting liquid components

  • J.B. Kim (a1), J.S. Sim (a1), S.G. Lee (a1), S.J. Shin (a1), J.H. Park (a1) and Y. Kim (a1)...


In this paper, structural modelling and dynamic analysis methods reflecting the characteristics of a liquid propellant were developed for a pogo analysis. The pogo phenomenon results from the complex interaction between the vehicle structural vibration in the longitudinal direction and the propulsion system. Thus, for an accurate vibration analysis of a liquid propellant launch vehicle, both the consumption of the liquid propellant and the change in the stiffness reflecting the nonlinear hydroelastic effect were simultaneously considered. A complete vehicle structure, including the liquid propellant tanks, was analytically modelled while focusing on pogo. In addition, a feasible liquid propellant tank modelling method was established to obtain an one-dimensional complete vehicle model. With these methods, comparative studies of the hydroelastic effect were conducted. Evaluations of the dynamic analysis of a reference vehicle were also conducted during the first burning stage. The numerical results obtained with the present orthotropic model and the dynamic analysis method were found to be in good agreement with the natural vibration characteristics according to previous analyses and experiments. Additionally, the reference vehicle showed the estimated occurrence of pogo in the first structural mode when compared with the frequencies of the propellant feeding system. In conclusion, the present structural modelling and modal analysis procedures can be effectively used to analyse dynamic characteristics of liquid propellant launch vehicles. These techniques are also capable of identifying the occurrence of pogo and providing design criteria related to pogo instability.


Corresponding author


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Integrated one-dimensional dynamic analysis methodology for space launch vehicles reflecting liquid components

  • J.B. Kim (a1), J.S. Sim (a1), S.G. Lee (a1), S.J. Shin (a1), J.H. Park (a1) and Y. Kim (a1)...


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