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Experimental study of overexpanded co-flowing jets

  • H. Sharma (a1), A. Vashishtha (a1), E. Rathakrishnan (a1) and P. Lovaraju (a2)


An experimental investigation was carried out to find the effect of an annular co-flow jet on the primary supersonic jet from Mach 2 nozzle at different levels of overexpansion. In this study, a convergent-divergent circular nozzle of exit Mach number 2, surrounded by an annular convergent circular nozzle with an annular gap of 4·4mm was used. Nozzle pressure ratios (NPRs) 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 are investigated for overexpanded states of the primary jet and NPR 8 is investigated for almost correctly expanded state. The centreline pressure distributions were taken at all NPRs for both with and without co-flow case, to investigate the supersonic core extent and mixing activity in the jet field. In the radial direction pitot pressure at different axial locations at all NPRs for both the cases are measured to find the jet development and shadowgraph visualisation of jet structure was done to visualise the shock structure in near-field. It is found that the co-flow acts as mixing inhibitor at all levels of overexpansion for Mach 2 nozzle.



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Experimental study of overexpanded co-flowing jets

  • H. Sharma (a1), A. Vashishtha (a1), E. Rathakrishnan (a1) and P. Lovaraju (a2)


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