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Experimental and computational investigations of flow dynamics in LPP combustor

  • Y. W. YAN (a1), Y. P. Liu (a1), Y. C. Liu (a1) and J. H. Li (a1)


A Lean Premixed Prevaporised (LPP) low-emission combustor with a staged lean combustion technology was developed. In order to study cold-flow dynamics in the LPP combustor, both experimental tests using the particle image velocimetry (PIV) to quantify the flow dynamics and numerical simulation using the commercial software (FLUENT) were conducted, respectively. Numerical results were in good agreement with the experimental data. It is shown from the observation of the results that: there is a Primary Recirculation Zone (PRZ), a Corner Recirculation Zone (CRZ) and a Lip Recirculation Zone (LRZ) in the LPP combustor, and the exchanges of mass, momentum and energy between pilot swirling flow and primary swirling flow are contributed by the velocity gradients, and the shear flow is transformed into a mixing layer exhibiting the higher Reynolds stresses, which suggests the mixing process is strictly affected by the Reynolds stresses.


Corresponding author


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