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Effect of cut-outs on underexpanded rectangular jets

  • S. Elangovan (a1) and E. Rathakrishnan (a2)


The flowfield characteristics of jets from plain and rectangular orifices with semi-circular cut-outs have been experimentally investigated for both sonic and underexpanded conditions. Detailed pitot pressure measurements revealed that the cut-outs had a strong influence on the emerging flowfield. The rectangular orifice with cut-outs at the minor axis ends showed more effective mixing with shorter core lengths and faster near field jet decay when compared with the plain rectangular and the rectangular orifice with cut-outs at the major axis ends. The general trend of variation of shock cell length with fully expanded Mach number was consistent with Tam's theory, but the shock cell length of orifice jets were less than that predicted by Tam.



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Effect of cut-outs on underexpanded rectangular jets

  • S. Elangovan (a1) and E. Rathakrishnan (a2)


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