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Distributed synergetic guidance law for multiple missiles with angle-of-attack constraint

  • H. You (a1) and F.-J. Zhao (a1)


Based on the missiles with adjustable thrust, a distributed synergetic guidance law for multiple missiles with angle-of-attack constraint is designed to achieve a cooperative attack by multiple missiles on a moving target. Divide the guidance law into two parts: the line of sight (LOS) direction and the normal direction of LOS. The guidance law is designed in LOS direction based on the multi-agent system cooperative control theory and super-twisting algorithm, which can control missiles’ time-to-go converging in finite time. In the normal direction of LOS, the other guidance law is designed to control missiles hitting the target with impact angle constraint based on zeroing LOS rate thought and finite-time sliding mode control theory. The two non-homogeneous disturbance observers are designed to estimate the target manoeuvring information in the two parts of the guidance law. The simulation results show that the guidance law designed by this paper can complete the cooperative attack task while suppressing the chattering phenomenon effectively.



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Distributed synergetic guidance law for multiple missiles with angle-of-attack constraint

  • H. You (a1) and F.-J. Zhao (a1)


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