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Coordinated control of fuel flow rate and air flow rate of a supersonic heat-airflow simulated test system

  • C. Cai (a1), L. Guo (a1) and J. Liu (a1)


The gas temperature of the supersonic heat airflow simulated test system is mainly determined by the fuel and air flow rates which enter the system combustor. In order to realise a high-quality control of gas temperature, in addition to maintaining the optimum ratio of fuel and air flow rates, the dynamic characteristics of them in the combustion process are also required to be synchronised. Aiming at the coordinated control problem of fuel and air flow rates, the mathematical models of fuel and air supply subsystems are established, and the characteristics of the systems are analysed. According to the characteristics of the systems and the requirements of coordinated control, a fuzzy-PI cross-coupling coordinated control strategy based on neural sliding mode predictive control is proposed. On this basis, the proposed control algorithm is simulated and experimentally studied. The results show that the proposed control algorithm has good control performance. It cannot only realise the accurate control of fuel flow rate and air flow rate, but also realise the coordinated control of the two.


Corresponding author


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Coordinated control of fuel flow rate and air flow rate of a supersonic heat-airflow simulated test system

  • C. Cai (a1), L. Guo (a1) and J. Liu (a1)


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