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Aspect ratio effect on elliptical sonic jet mixing

  • V. Chauhan (a1), S.M. Aravindh Kumar (a1) and E. Rathakrishnan (a1)


The effects of aspect ratio on elliptical sonic jet decay at different levels of under-expansion has been studied experimentally. Elliptical sonic jets from orifices of same area with aspect ratios (AR) 2, 4 and 6 at nozzle pressure ratios 2 to 5 in steps of 1 have also been studied. A circular jet from an orifice with an area equal to that of elliptical orifice was also studied for comparison. Jet centreline pressure decay, spread and waves present in the jet core were analysed. The results show that the mixing of the elliptical jet is superior to the circular jet, at all the nozzle pressure ratios of the present study. Also, the aspect ratio of the elliptical orifice has a strong influence on the jet mixing. Elliptical jets of aspect ratio 4 and 6 experience a significantly higher mixing than the aspect ratio 2 jet, till the under-expansion level corresponding to Mach disk formation. For higher under-expansion levels, the mixing of AR 4 and 6 jets become inferior to that of the AR 2 jet.


Corresponding author


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Aspect ratio effect on elliptical sonic jet mixing

  • V. Chauhan (a1), S.M. Aravindh Kumar (a1) and E. Rathakrishnan (a1)


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