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X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis Using Synchrotron Radiation

  • J.V. Gilfrich (a1), E.F. Skelton (a1), D.J. Nagel (a1), A.W. Webb (a1), S.B. Qadri (a2) and J.P. Kirkland (a2)...


Synchrotron radiation (SR) has several unique properties which cause it to be used for many purposes in science and technology. It is continuous spectrally, collimated spatially, short-pulsed yet continuously-operating temporally, as well as polarized( 1). Many applications of SR have already been demonstrated. These range from production of fine scale structures by lithography to numerous studies of materials. Determination of atomic structure by diffraction and other scattering experiments and by absorption spectroscopy (EXAFS), and emission spectroscopic studies of electronic structure have been given most attention(2). Only limited attention has been paid to determination of materials composition by x-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) employing synchrotron radiation. Sparks et al.(3-5) have performed the most notable experiments, examining mica inclusions for the presence of primordial super heavy elements and irradiating two National Bureau of Standards Standard Reference Materials (SRM 1571, Orchard Leaves and SRM 1632, Coal) to measure the fluorescent x—ray intensity from the trace elements.



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