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Txrf-Sources-Samples and Detectors

  • P. Wobrauschek (a1), P. Kregsamer (a1), W. Ladisich (a1), R. Riede (a1), Christina Streli (a1), S. Garbe (a2), M. Haller (a2), A. Knöchel (a2) and M. Radtke (a2)...


Total reflection x-ray fluorescence analysis (TXRF) has reached a mature state but still improvements are possible in selecting the proper components for TXRF and optimizing them in the best suitable way. Two approaches are presented, the extension of the number of detectable elements after K-shell excitation and the improvement of the detection limits. The results show, that the elements from B to U can be detected by their characteristic K-lines and that detection limits for medium Z elements e.g. Ni in the fg range are achievable. Most of the best results have been measured using synchrotron radiation with spectral modifying devices like multilayer monochromators. Other x-ray sources like a windowless tube with exchangeable anodes of either material Al, Si or Mo were successfully tested for the efficient excitation of light elements.



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