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Size/Strain Broadening Analysis of SRM 676 Candidate Materials

  • Walter Kalceff (a1), James P. Cline (a2) and Robert B. Von Dreele (a3)


A project was undertaken to compare the Williamson-Hall and Fourier teclrniques for analyzing particle-size and micro-strain induced x-ray line profile broadening. The four alumina powders analyzed in the study were the candidates from which SRM 676, a quantitative analysis Standard Reference Material, was chosen. SRM 660 (LaB6) was used to determine the instrument profile function, IPF. However, difficulty was encountered in fitting an appropriate mathematical model to the IPF data; this prevented the application of Fourier analysis methods and restricted the number of profiles that could be analyzed with the Williamson-Hall method. The size/stain data compared favorably with other microstructural data collected on these specimens.



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Size/Strain Broadening Analysis of SRM 676 Candidate Materials

  • Walter Kalceff (a1), James P. Cline (a2) and Robert B. Von Dreele (a3)


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