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Sample Treatment for TXRF - Requirements and Prospects

  • Andreas Prange (a1) and Heinrich Schwenke (a1)


Total-reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, abbreviated as TXRF, is known for its high sensitivity down to the low pg-level or sub-ppb level, respectively, and its wide dynamic range of about three to four orders of magnitude (Yoneda and Horiuchi, 1971, Wobrauschek and Aiginger, 1980; Knoth and Schwenke, 1978 and 1980, Aiginger and Wobrausohek, 1985, Michaelis et al., 1985, Prange, 1987). Meanwhile several laboratories have purchased commercially available TXRF spectrometers and have started to report favourable about this technique. Applications have been reported from various disciplines: These are estuarine and marine water quality management and research, air pollution studies, mineralogical investigations, biology and medicine (Prange, 1987, Prange et al, 1985; Prange and Kremling, 1985, Prange et al., 1987, Stöβel and Prange, 1985, Michaelis, 1986, Ketelsen and Knöchel, 1985, Leland et al., 1987, von Bohlen et al., 1987, Junge et al., 1983, Hentschke et al., 1985, Hentschke et al., 1985, Gerwinski and Goetz, 1987, von Bohlen et al., 1987), In spite of its close kinship to conventional EDXRF , TXRF is quite different with respect to operation and performance and provides complementary capabilities.



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