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Reactions in Thin Metal Films Bombarded by the High Intensity Electron Microscope Beam

  • F. M. Berting (a1) and K. R. Lawless (a2)


The electron beam of the electron microscope is an excellent source of energy for producing localized observable reactions in thin films.

The normal operating beam of a double condenser lens System focussed for studying a metal film in good thermal contact with its mount gives a calculated temperature rise of about 20° to 50°C. However, by changing these specified conditions, the sample may be heated to temperatures well over 1000°C. Copper and gadolinium--melting points 1083°C and 1312°C respectively--have been melted in the electron microscope beam, as have BeO whiskers--melting point 2530° + 30° C--by the authors and their colleagues.



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Reactions in Thin Metal Films Bombarded by the High Intensity Electron Microscope Beam

  • F. M. Berting (a1) and K. R. Lawless (a2)


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