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The Measurement of Elastic Constants for the Determination of Stresses by X-Rays

  • K. Perry (a1), I.C. Noyan (a1), P.J. Rudnik (a1) and J.B. Cohen (a1)


Residual and applied stresses (σij) are often measured via X-ray diffraction, by calculating the resultant elastic strains (ϵij) from the measured change in interplanar spacing (“d”). This method is non-destructive, reasonably reproducible (typically ±14 MPa), can be carried out in the field, and is readily automated to give values to an operator-specified precision , Let Li represent the axes of the measuring system with L3 normal to the diffracting planes, and Pi represent the sample axes. These axes are illustrated in Figure 1. In what follows, primed stresses and strains are in the laboratory system, while unprimed values are in the sample system.



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