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Low Energy X-Ray and Electron Absorption Within Solids (100-1500 ev Region)

  • Burton L. Henke (a1) and Eric S. Ebisu (a1)


Quantitative analysis by x-ray fluorescence and photoelectron and Auger electron analysis can be effectively extended through a precise knowledge of the total aad subshell photoionization cross sections. Light element and intermediate element analysis, as based upon K and L series fluorescence respectively, involve x-ray interactions in the low energy region, Optimized analysis for essentially all the elements by x-ray induced photoelectron and Auger electron spectroscopy involves both x-ray and electron interactions in the low energy region. Unfortunately, theory and measurement for interaction cross sections in this 100-1500 eV region are difficult, particularly for the heavier elements. Nevertheless, recent advances in experimental and computerized-theoretical techniques for the determination of low energy interaction coefficients do permit establishing appreciatly more complete tabulations of cross sections than are currently available in this energy region.

In this paper, the types of interaction cross section data that are needed for quantitative x-ray and electron analysis are defined. Such data that are available from experiment and from theory are reviewed and compared. Some newer techniques for the measurement of cross sections are discussed. And finally, new “state of the art” tables are presented for the mass absorption coefficients of all of the elements and of some special laboratory materials. These are tabulated specifically for twenty-six of the most commonly applied characteristic wavelengths in the 8-110 A region and are based upon the best currently available theoretical and experimental data.



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