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J. D. Hanawalt Powder Diffraction Award Lecture

  • L. K. Frevel (a1)


A condensed chronology of computer SEARCH/MATCH programs for the analysis of multiphase crystalline powders is presented covering the years 1965 to 1981. For this period the various algorithms for searching a data base of standard powder diffraction patterns, {ds, (I/I1)s}, are predicated on empirical “fingerprint” matching of the experimental powder data, {dν,Iν}, with one or more of the standard patterns. Within the past year an interactive computer SEARCH/MATCH program has been developed based on a structure-sensitive SEARCH procedure.

The evolution of computer SEARCH/MATCH procedures undoubtedly will continue and will be influenced by marked improvements in the quality of digitized, machine-readable, powder diffraction data. Three conjectures are offered on future developments in x-ray diffractometry.



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