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Elemental and Phase Mapping of Sputtered Binary Plutonium Alloys

  • P. L. Wallace (a1), W. L. Wien (a1), H. F. Rizzo (a1), A. W. Echeverria (a1) and R. P. Goehner (a2)...


In this article, we demonstrate that the combination of elemental and phase mapping is a very powerful tool for characterizing sputtered, binary plutonium alloys.

A specially designed energy-dispersive spectrometer equipped with an automated x-y translational stage was used to measure elemental differences in several disks sputter-coated with binary plutonium alloys. Automated diffractometer scans were obtained from selected areas on the disks by using specially designed sample holders. The elemental differences were then correlated with the phases present and the observed corrosion resistance. The elemental spectra and diffractometer scans were analyzed using a modified version of the SPECPLOT program. This program enables the user to analyze both energy-dispersive elemental data and diffractometer data using a single program.



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Elemental and Phase Mapping of Sputtered Binary Plutonium Alloys

  • P. L. Wallace (a1), W. L. Wien (a1), H. F. Rizzo (a1), A. W. Echeverria (a1) and R. P. Goehner (a2)...


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