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Dynamic Characterization in Advanced Manufacturing

  • Robert L. Snyder (a1) and Bin-Jiang Chen (a1)


The coming era of reduced defense funding will dramatically alter the way in which advanced materials develop. In the absence of large funding researchers must concentrate on reducing the time that the R&D of a new materia) consumes. One way in which speed may be achieved is via the development of very fast dynamic characterization procedures which can rapidly and intelligently monitor and optimize the formation of a desired microstructure. Another potential advantage to this approach is its ability to characterize the actual amount of material which goes into a final product; permitting a rapid transition from R&D to manufacturing by avoiding the problems associated with scale-up. Example high-temperature dynamic characterization procedures have been applied to the problem of trying to improve the current carrying capacity of the YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7-8 ceramic superconductor by melt-texturing. These procedures have led to a technique for the preparation of specimens with J c on the order of 10,000 A/cm2.



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