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Development of a High Sensitivity TXRF with a Novel Monochromator Having Three Selectable Crystals

  • T. Yamada (a1), T. Shoji (a1), M. Funabashi (a1), T. Utaka (a1), T. Arai (a1) and R. Wilson (a2)...


Total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) analysis of “low Z” elements, Ti, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn and “high Z” elements, Zr, W, Au, Pb, are required for micro scale semiconductor device production processes. In the past, the W–Lβ X-rays have been used for the analysis of S to Zn.

This paper describes a new three crystal monochromator coupled with a gold direct-drive rotating anode target. This development has produced significant improvements in the sensitivities and LLD's for all measured elements. The monochromator makes the Au Lα (9.71 keV), Au Lβ (11.44 keV) and Au Lγ (13.33 keV) available for routine use in TXRF analyses. The Au Lα X-ray is best used for the lower Z elements, Na to Cu. The best result for W, Cu and Zn are obtained with the Au Lβ X-ray. This is the result of both increased peak intensity and lower background. For the heavier elements, such as Au and Pb, the Au L X-ray yields intensities 100 times higher than what has been achieved in the past.



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