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Determining Stresses in the Presence of Nonlinearities in Interplanar Spacing vs. Sin2ψ

  • I. C. Noyan (a1) and J. B. Cohen (a1)


The physical meaning of non-linearities in “d” vs. sin2ψ lines, encountered in X-ray measurements of surface residual stresses in polycrystalline materials is investigated. It is shown that when oscillations are present in any one reflection, switching to another reflection to obtain a straight line in “d“ vs. sin2.ψ is feasible only under very special conditions. We also discuss the effect of “quasi-homogeneous” strain distributions and investigate the effects of ψ-range on the accuracy of X-ray residual stress measurements when ψ-splitting” is present. A new geometric error is also discussed that can not be detected by the “annealed powder” method often used for alignment.



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