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Clay Minaeral Analysis by Automated Powder Diffraction Analysis Using the Whole Diffraction Pattern

  • Deane K. Smith (a1), Gerald G. Johnson (a1) and Clayton O. Ruud (a1)


Clay minerals are one of the most difficult classes of materials to analyze by x-ray powder diffraction, yet powder diffraction is the only technique which can yield the important crystallographic information necessary to identify and classify the minerals. The importance of clay minerals in industry and in the studies of rocks, due to their chemical properties and sensitivity to geological changes, often requires the analyses of large numbers of samples in short periods of time. Such sample throughput requires computerized analysis* Because definitive, meaningful d-I data are difficult to obtain from the broad diffraction peaks obtained from most clay samples, this problem has been approached by using the whole diffraction, trace as the basis of a computerized analytical scheme.



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