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Applications of a Laboratory X-ray Micropsobe to Materials Analysis

  • D. A. Carpenter (a1), M. A. Taylor (a1) and C. E. Holcombe (a1)


A laboratory-based X-ray microprobe, composed of a high-brilliance microfocus X-ray tube, coupled with a small glass capillary, has been developed for materials applications. Because of total external reflectance of X rays from the smooth inside bore of the glass capillary, the microprobe has a high sensitivity as well as a high spatial resolution. The use of X rays to excite elemental fluorescence offers the advantages of good peak-to-background, the ability to operate in air, and minimal specimen preparation. In addition, the development of laboratory-based instrumentation has been of Interest recently because of greater accessibility when compared with synchrotron X-ray microprobes.



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