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Advances in Fundamental-Parameter Methods for Quantitative XRFA

  • Michael Mantler (a1)


The fundamental-parameter technique is an important tool for quantitative x-ray chemical analysis and is routinely applied for the quantification of bulk specimens and single layer films. A method extending it to multiple film layers has recently been introduced by Mantler and results from such applications have been reported by Huang and Parrish. In addition, fundamental-parameter methods can be employed to predict intensity ratios of fluorescent lines as well as the spectral distribution of radiation scattered by the specimen (shape of the background in the vicinity of emission, lines). This is useful for accurate quantitative analysis in the case of a poor peak-to-background ratio, where the precise determination of net intensities is difficult.



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Advances in Fundamental-Parameter Methods for Quantitative XRFA

  • Michael Mantler (a1)


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