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Numerical Simulation for the Variable-Order Fractional Schrödinger Equation with the Quantum Riesz-Feller Derivative

  • N. H. Sweilam (a1) and M. M. Abou Hasan (a1)


In this paper the space variable-order fractional Schrödinger equation (VOFSE) is studied numerically, where the variable-order fractional derivative is described here in the sense of the quantum Riesz-Feller definition. The proposed numerical method is the weighted average non-standard finite difference method (WANSFDM). Special attention is given to study the stability analysis and the convergence of the proposed method. Finally, two numerical examples are provided to show that this method is reliable and computationally efficient.


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author. Email: (N. H. Sweilam)


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Numerical Simulation for the Variable-Order Fractional Schrödinger Equation with the Quantum Riesz-Feller Derivative

  • N. H. Sweilam (a1) and M. M. Abou Hasan (a1)


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