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Impact of Linear Operator on the Convergence of HAM Solution: a Modified Operator Approach

  • S. T. Hussain (a1) (a2), S. Nadeem (a2) and M. Qasim (a3)


The linear operator plays an important role in the computational process of Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM). In HAM frame any kind of linear operator can be chosen to develop a solution. Hence, it is easy to introduce the modified/physical parameter dependent linear operators. The effective use of these operators has been judged through solving fluid flow problems. Modification in linear operators affects the solution and improves the computational efficiency of HAM for larger values of parameters. The convergence rate of the solution is rapid and several times higher resulting in lesser computational time.


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author. (S. T. Hussain)


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Impact of Linear Operator on the Convergence of HAM Solution: a Modified Operator Approach

  • S. T. Hussain (a1) (a2), S. Nadeem (a2) and M. Qasim (a3)


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