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Technological and agronomic assessment of a Variable Rate Irrigation system integrated with soil sensor technologies

  • M. Martello (a1), A. Berti (a2), G. Lusiani (a3), A. Lorigiola (a3) and F. Morari (a2)...


The main goal of this study was assessing the technological and agronomic performances of a centre pivot Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) system. The study was conducted in 2015 on a 16-ha field cultivated with maize. Irrigation was scheduled in three Management Zones according to data provided by a real-time monitoring system based on an array of soil moisture sensors. First results demonstrated the potential benefits of the VRI system on irrigation performance however a multiyear comparison is requested for evaluating the response to climate variability. VRI resulted in yields comparable to the business-as-usual regime but through a noticeable reduction in irrigation volumes.


Corresponding author


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Technological and agronomic assessment of a Variable Rate Irrigation system integrated with soil sensor technologies

  • M. Martello (a1), A. Berti (a2), G. Lusiani (a3), A. Lorigiola (a3) and F. Morari (a2)...


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