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Evaluating a Crop Circle active sensor-based in-season nitrogen management algorithm in different winter wheat cropping systems

  • L. Zhou (a1), G. Chen (a1), Y. Miao (a1), H. Zhang (a1), Z. Chen (a2), L. Xu (a1) and L. Guo (a1)...


The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of a Crop Circle sensor-based precision nitrogen (N) management (PNM) strategy in different winter wheat cropping systems under on-farm conditions in North China Plain (NCP). Four farmer’s fields were selected for on-farm experiments in Laoling County, Shandong Province of NCP in 2015-2016. In each field, the PNM strategy was evaluated in two winter wheat cropping systems: farmer’s conventional management (FCM) and regional optimum crop management (ROCM). In each cropping system, there were two N management strategies: 1) FCM or ROCM; 2) PNM. The results indicated that the PNM strategy significantly increased partial factor productivity (PFP) by 29% in the FCM system, but did not have any significant improvement in the ROCM system. The ROCM system, using either regional optimum N management or PNM, significantly increased both grain yield and PFP than the FCM system.


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These authors contributed equally to this work.



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