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Design of Smart Agriculture Japan Model

  • E. Morimoto (a1) and K. Hayashi (a2)


This paper presents schematic review for the smart agricultural model in Japan using data-on-demand information exchange based on smart agricultural machinery systems (SAMS). Four machines were developed in this study, namely Smart rice trans-planter with on-the-go soil sensor; Smart 2nd fertilizer applicator based on CropSpecTM; Yield monitor combine harvester with on-the-go lodging analysis system; and Farm Activity Record Management System (FARMS). The study obtained 450,000 datasets of topsoil accompanied by 65,000 datasets of crop status and 1 million images of lodging information from 50 ha of rice fields, taken in 2016. The results conclude that the field mapping using FARMS was available not only for manager’s decision on fertilizer application, but also for information sharing between employees. A two year feasibility study showed improvement of 20% fertilizer reduction and 30% harvest efficiency than conventional management. The study suggests that SAMS would play an important role for technology succession in the near future.


Corresponding author


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Design of Smart Agriculture Japan Model

  • E. Morimoto (a1) and K. Hayashi (a2)


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