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Creating a statistically representative set of Danish agricultural field shapes to robustly test route planning algorithms

  • N. Skou-Nielsen (a1), A. Villa-Henriksen (a1), O. Green (a1) and G. T. C. Edwards (a1)


Infield route planning is used to optimise field operations in order to decrease operational costs and environmental impacts. Route planners must be able to plan operations within real fields and account for real situations such as irregular shapes and obstacles. Therefore, a representative set of fields is required to robustly test the route planner. Instead of choosing randomly, which may result in a non-representative sample of the diversity of fields; a stratification strategy was used to separate the field dataset into strata. Proportional sampling from each stratum provided a representative sample of 217 fields, out of the original set of 603,218 from the Danish field database.


Corresponding author



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