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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: November 2019

Chapter 30 - Statistics and evidence-based practice

from Section 5 - Applied Basic Sciences


Many examinees approach medical statistics with a lot of apprehension. This is justified in most circumstances as we do not regularly practise statistics, nor do we study it on a regular basis. Examiners are not different and appreciate this very well. You should remember that when you are asked questions related to medical statistics you are not expected to demonstrate the knowledge of a statistician. The examiners simply wish to satisfy themselves that as an inquisitive orthopaedic surgeon you understand the basic statistical concepts well enough to be able to scrutinize the published orthopaedic evidence. It is very unlikely that you will be asked esoteric questions (unless you do really well). Statistics of direct relevance (for example NJR survival analysis) are very popular with examiners and are frequently asked. Of the six basic science viva questions most of you would probably be asked at least one question related to Medical Statistics.