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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: May 2020

15 - BL, Add. MS 17361, Mich. term 1311 to Easter term 1316


Account book (compotus) of John Norton, the king's clerk of works at the palace of Westminster, the Tower of London and the king's mews at Charing Cross, for his expenditure on building works there. The last term seems to be that for Easter in 9 Edward II (1316); confusingly, Michaelmas term in 9 Edward II is written up after it.

Physical description: Book of fifteen parchment folios; ff. 1 and 15v are slightly stained, suggesting that the book was unbound for some time; the rest in good condition and wholly legible, apart from f. 6, which has been erased or damaged so that it is now illegible.

Provenance: Strayed out of the crown records; owned by R. Thompson, with other ‘wardrobe books and books of account’, sold at Puttick & Simpson, 191 Piccadilly, London, 23 June 1848, lot 221, to the British Museum (fly-leaf note; Catalogue of […] Illuminated and other Manuscripts, Puttick and Simpson, Friday, 23 June 1848, pp. 20–23; ‘List of Puttick & Simpson Sales, 1846–70, copied by Frank Marcham’, bound typescript list, 1928, p. 52).

Scope of transcription: Entries relating to building works in St Stephen's chapel, the making of images in the queen's chapel, and the houses of the king's chaplains and clerks in the palace of Westminster.

[f. 1]

Mich’ anno quinto

Compotus Johannis de Norton’ clerici assignati ad superindendas operaciones palacij Westm’ Turris London’ et mutarum Regis iuxta Westm’ de denariis quos idem Johannes recepit in thesaurio domini Regis apud Westm’ ad solvendum pro eisdem operacionibus per visum et testimonium Ricardi Abbot et Willelmi de Benton’ clerici contrarotulatorum suorum ad hoc per thesaurarium et barones de scaccario assignati […]

[f. 1v]

Carpentarius per diem vj d.

Petro de Cantuaria carpentario operanti circa magnam aulam cum cendulis cohoperiendam et circa diversos defectus reparandos et emendandos in domibus que sunt de liberacione capellanorum et clericorum de capella Regis nichil solvitur sibi hic […]

[f. 2] […]

Carpentarius per diem v d.

Roberto atte Noke carpentario operanti per xvij dies circa fenestras faciendas et emendandas in domibus que ﹛est﹜ <sunt> de liberacione capellanorum et clericorum de capella Regis et circa dua nova hostia facienda ad privatum dressorium Regis et ad alia necessaria infra palacium facienda per idem tempus recipienti denarios per suas manus proprias eodem die ibidem: vij s. j d. […]