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China and the World Trading System
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China, the world's sixth largest economy, has recently joined the rules-based international trading system. What are the implications of this accession? Leading scholars and practitioners from the US, Europe, China, Australia and Japan argue that China's membership will affect the WTO's decision-making, dispute resolution and rule-based structures. It will also spur legal and economic reform, have far-reaching social, political and distributional consequences in China, facilitate a new role for China in international geo-political affairs, and alter the shape, structure and content of the international trading system as a whole. Of interest to scholars of China, as well as trade lawyers and economists.


‘… a huge and authoritative collection of papers … The 22 chapters cover the entire waterfront, with contributions ranging from the technicalities of absorbing the WTO accession agreements into China’s domestic law to the country’s textile exports; from competition law to liberalization of the distribution sector; from telecommunications reform to several chapters on the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, the IPR agreement that china was required to implement on entry … essential reading for those wishing to understand the issues.’

Source: International Affairs

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For Chinese legal materials in translation see


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