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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: December 2019

16 - Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2-Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF)

from Part II - Specific Clinical Assessment Methods


The MMPI has been a mainstay of psychological assessment for nearly eight decades, a testament to the richness and clinical utility of the test. We begin this chapter by tracing the history and evolution of the MMPI instruments, including the rationale for and development of the MMPI-2-RF. First, we provide an overview of the test scales and the documents available to guide its administration, scoring, and interpretation. Next, we give an overview of the psychometric features of the MMPI-2-RF scales and a review of the literature on its use in a broad of applied settings. We then review the literature on multicultural considerations when using the MMPI-2-RF. A brief description of the adolescent version of the inventory, the MMPI-A-RF, is followed by a concluding section that illustrates MMPI-2-RF interpretation with a case study.