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This series has been established to give readers access to the latest ground breaking research on graphic narrative. Combining meticulously researched historical studies with new theoretically rich critical engagements, it will publish the leading scholars at work today. Graphic narrative - the study of both comics and graphic novels, as well as other associated text-image materials - is a deliberately open approach that invites a move away from sterile, and too insider, discussions on the definition of forms. Works published in the series will be focussed on Anglophone and North American graphic narrative but will also explore where that milieu is central to the developments of 'world' graphic narrative. The series will upgrade notions of where graphic narrative has come from and where it is going next. It will provide original re-interpretation of classic works and bring to new attention missing masterpieces now ripe for re-evaluation. It opens a new conversation on how text and image combine to tell powerful stories that really matter. In a period of significant change in how texts and images are consumed via digital platforms, the series is intended to be a research landmark that will shape scholarly thinking and teaching through the 2020s.

  • General Editors: Jan Baetens, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, Hugo Frey, University of Chichester, Martha Kuhlman, Bryant University, Rhode Island